RSD Pressings Limited

RSD Pressings was established by the current owners and management of the business on 4th January 2016 following the build and occupation of a brand new purpose built manufacturing facility. The name RSD Pressings represents the current ownership and management of the business since 1985 when the business was acquired under the name C & H Howe Limited.

C & H Howe Limited

C & H Howe Limited was originally founded in 1940 as manufacturers of metal toggle fasteners to the metal box industry and in particular ammunition boxes during the Second World War. In 1962 the company was incorporated remaining in the same ownership until 1985.

At the point of acquisition C & H Howe were still manufacturing toggle fasteners for multiple markets but had also grown to be market leaders in the manufacture and supply of exhaust clamps. It was from this point in 1985 that the current owners decided to invest and develop the company further into press work with a key focus on supply into the automotive and building industries. This decision proved to be the right one as the next 10 years saw the toggle and exhaust clamp market diminish within the UK with foreign competitors under cutting UK manufacturers to take control of the European markets.


Since 1985 the business has invested and developed constantly with the addition of new and larger machinery to increase its portfolio. In 1985 the largest press on site was 100 Tonnes but by 2015 this had increased to 260 Tonnes. In addition to this, projection and robotic welding was added to the company’s portfolio to support the existing CO2 welding capabilities.

With a key focus on continuous improvement the business was among the first in the UK to gain accreditation to TS16949 and ISO14001. It is with this outlook and aim that the business has been able to build up an excellent reputation with its customers over the last 30 years.

2016 Onwards

2016 is the start of a new era under the name RSD Pressings Limited. Throughout 2015 the company had a new facility built for itself to enable the expansion of the business. The new facility provides 31’000 Sq Ft of manufacturing space which is a 50% increase on the previous building. This will enable further investment opportunities for the company and open up increased capacity for current and future customers. This investment and move forward summarises the ethos of the business and what the management / owners are trying to achieve.