With a press range from 30 to 260 Tonnes including automatic and manual presses RSD can cover a wide range of small to medium sized pressings. 11.2 million Parts were produced in 2015 from 0.7mm in gauge to 10.0mm covering a multitude of mild and high tensile steels plus aluminium, brass, copper and stainless steel. From low to high volume all variety of parts and projects can be catered for.


Assembly requirements are met via our projection/spot and CO2 welding departments. RSD currently have several projection/spot machines capable of welding up to 100KVA and 4 manual CO2 welding bays to cover all varying requirements from 1 to 1 million parts per annum. In addition to this RSD have substantial experience in robotic welding should any future or current projects require it.


Tooling Production & Maintenance

With an in house tool room all minor repairs and maintenance issues are covered to ensure production is kept at an efficient level with minimised downtime. To help assist the maintenance of tooling we run a predictive maintenance schedule whereby tools are examined regularly and in some cases after every production run depending on their make-up and usage. All wiring and CNC work is carried out off site at one of our approved toolmakers who can be found throughout the UK.

In addition to repairs our toolmakers are also sub contracted for all new tooling, checking fixture and weld fixture production. As part of this our toolmakers are included within the feasibility review processes right through to design, manufacture, sample submission of production parts and PSW / PPAP submission.



RSD Press Inventory 2018