With manual presses from 30 to 250 Tonnes and progression from 80 to 300 Tonnes, all small to medium sized components are catered for from low to high volume.

To enable assembly work RSD currently has 8 x 100 KVA Projection Welders and 4 CO2 Welding Bays. Through these two sections RSD is able to weld anything from an M5 nut to a medium sized sub assembly.

Across all customers we manufacture components and assemblies for every part of the car.

  • Seating
  • Sub-Frames
  • Cross Car Beams
  • Bumpers
  • Body

Although car manufacture has been at the forefront of the business for the last 17 years we have great experience in other industries such as rail, building and boiler products. RSD would therefore welcome the chance to work with any companies associated in these industries or if you simply require any type of metal pressing and assembly.